Weekend Training Sessions

On the two Saturdays during the three-week course period Dyer Academy will hold weekend training sessions. These sessions are optional for current students and are open to the public. Classes will start at 11 AM. In the event the 11 AM class fills up, a 2nd class will be offered in the afternoon. The classes are as follows:

Digging Deeper With Meter Diagnostics:

  • Multimeter symbol recognition
  • NCV (non-contact voltage) usage
  • Verifying presence of proper voltage and polarity to components
  • Diagnosing component integrity with ohm values
  • Finding continuity in circuits and applicable components
  • Taking amp draw measurements
  • Exploring different avenues to investigate same components in order to expedite diagnoses

Cost: $50 for current/former students. $100 for public.

Sealed System Diagnostics:

1) Basic Sealed System Function

  • Compressor function and indicators of inefficiency
  • Duty of refrigerant within the system
  • Proper evaporator frost pattern to indicate a healthy system 
  • and airflow

2) Icemaker Function

  • Diagnostics of icemaker
  • Common misconceptions of icemaker failure to produce ice
  • Water supply diagnostics

3) Wire diagrams and schematics

  • Identifying components within diagrams 
  • Determining voltage supply and test points for components
  • Understanding path of current through circuitry

Cost: $100 for current/former students. $150 for public.

If you are a registering new student there will be options to select if you would like to attend theses sessions or not. Persons other than registering students who wish to attend please fill out the form below and an invoice will be sent to the email address provided. Former student discounts will be applied to the invoice.